Workplaces as Learning Spaces - Sammelband erschienen

Es gibt einen neuen Sammelband zu Arbeiten, die im ASEM (Asia-Europe-Meeting)-Forschungsverbund ( erstellt wurden.

Der Sammelband wird von Annette Ostendorf (Universität Innsbruck) und Chompoonuh K. Permpoonwiwat (Srinakharinwirot Universität Bangkok) herausgegeben und trägt den Titel:

“Workplaces as Learning Spaces – conceptual and empirical insights”. Er steht zum Download bereit unter:



This volume is focused on workplaces as learning spaces. It is the fourth volume of Asian and European researchers carrying out common or related work in the field of workplace learning. They are organised in the ASEM Lifelong Learning research network, which was established in 2005 and includes members from 14 countries in Asia and Europe. The research network is enhancing a vivid exchange of knowledge and ideas on workplace learning across different countries, cultures and continents and it conducts research agreed on common concepts. The contributions of this volume comprise in many cases empirical data gained by combining different qualitative research methods, including visual methods. The work of all researchers and research teams in this paper collection is dedicated to throwing light on the phenomenon of workplaces as learning spaces, and to explaining different facets of meaning, processes and structure related to it. 

Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen!